Why things have been a little quiet around here… And an exciting announcement!

I always seem to have something to update you all on around this time of year. There must be something in the air as we come to the end of summer / early autumn that gets me dreaming about a new direction and entices me to mix life up a bit! Two years ago, I decided to wave goodbye to the corporate world and take the blog and freelance writing full time to see where it led. A year ago, Follow Your Sunshine took on a whole new meaning, as it followed a natural evolution alongside my emerging thoughts about life, from lifestyle, food and travel towards a greater focus on mindset and wellbeing.

Why things have been a little quiet around here... And an exciting announcement!

I’ve witnessed a huge change in myself, my beliefs and the direction I want to go in over this space of time. The significant “events” that slammed their way into my formerly blissfully ignorant life in 2018 did so much to shake me up, wake me up and force me to rethink everything I thought I once knew about the world.

To say I’ve been on a journey would be an understatement!!

When you are forced to endure the unendurable, something in you changes forever. One day I woke up and realised that for almost 33 years, I had been simply surviving, and decided to take a gamble and see what thriving felt like. I resolutely told the Universe (the Dao, God, Allah, or whatever greater life force you personally believe in) that I was ready and willing to open my heart and mind and take on a new path, following whatever would work out for the greater good – for myself, for others and for the world. I guess, at it’s core, this is what following your sunshine is all about.

Why things have been a little quiet around here... And an exciting announcement!

The Universe responded by throwing a few more hurdles my way to really test my resolve – but the switch I had already started to make, from transmuting fear into love; from letting ‘reality’ control me, to taking the control of my destiny into my own hands; from letting anxiety over the future and depressive thoughts about the past give way to the blessing of living in the present moment with more grace, dignity, confidence and compassion, had already set me up to survive it. With time, things started to feel a bit lighter.

The more in touch I got with who I really am and what I’m really passionate about, the more secure I felt in the knowledge that my future lies in supporting other women to reach for what lights them up in life.

Why things have been a little quiet around here... And an exciting announcement!

This summer, I listened to that inner voice and responded by doing a few brave things. I set up my Qatar ‘Sunshine Sessions’ to bring women together to discuss a variety of mindset and wellbeing topics, with the aim of equipping them with some of the tools and techniques required to meet their full potential. I co-hosted a workshop in London with my friend Maggie (Think Like A Boss) for women who are aspiring to reclaim their inner spark and step into their true influence, and talked candidly about turning life’s greatest challenges into your biggest opportunities.

And I opened up my laptop and started a course to become an accredited Life Coach.

Why things have been a little quiet around here... And an exciting announcement!

It’s been a long and eventful summer, and a lot of work and I’m delighted to be able to announce that I’m finally ready to launch my new business. I could not be prouder or more excited about what it involves and what’s to come in the future!

This future is all about YOU!

If you are currently:

  • Struggling to find your zest for life, you’ve lost your inner spark or you’re finding it difficult to know which direction to head in next;


  • Looking to make a major career or lifestyle change but need some assistance in taking inspired action and creating the best outcomes for yourself and your future;


  • Continually searching for external validation or worrying about what others think about you, rather than relying on your own inner wisdom, confidence and light;


  • In need of support which will lead to you making some monumental mindset shifts, take your focus away from everyday struggles and into a state of longterm wellbeing, and teach you how to let go of your fears and step into your true, full, incredible, mind-blowing potential…

(Or all of the above!)… then I might just be the coach for you!

Over the past few months I’ve developed an incredibly effective, tried and tested 6 week-long mindset programme which will give you quick results and shift your life into a more positive trajectory.

Change Your Mindset; Follow Your Sunshine

What you will receive:

  • Weekly 1:1 coaching calls with me for six weeks;
  • A six module Follow Your Sunshine workbook, individually tailored to you and your requirements;
  • Additional support and check-ins via email or WhatsApp (according to your preference).

How we can get started:

Simply drop me an email at: followyoursunshineblog@gmail.com, a message on Instagram or a note below and I’ll set up a 30 minute discovery call with you to discuss your requirements!

I am so excited to hear from you and for us to get started on this journey together.

I might have had to dwell in the darkness for a while in order for me to fully understand the light, but now that I’m there I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned with you.

It’s time for you to shine bright!

All my love,


Follow Your Sunshine


Why things have been a little quiet around here... And an exciting announcement!


  1. Romana
    August 29, 2019 / 7:35 pm

    So proud of you being brave enough to try something new. Go for it!!! X

  2. Talia Litman
    August 29, 2019 / 8:24 pm

    Awesome Polly! You’re going to be (already are) a fabulous coach xxxxx Enjoy the new adventure!

  3. August 31, 2019 / 2:41 am

    Amazing Polly! Best of luck with this – how exciting xx

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