Meet The Mentor: Shefa Ali, Life Coach

Meet The Mentor: Shefa Ali, Life Coach

For the next few weeks, alongside my Women & Resilience series, I will be featuring some renowned personalities and practitioners who have made it their life’s ambition to make a difference in the world by using their skills to provide advice, support and mentoring in the fields of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, life guidance, health, therapy and counselling. Join me in a series of in-depth video interviews as I ‘Meet The Mentor’ and have a personal taste of the support that they offer, plus find out all of the details that you need to know in order to access their services.

Following on from my interview with hypnotherapist Tim Stoneman a couple of weeks ago, I sat with Shefa Ali, a great friend, inspirational public speaker and life coach who has made it her life’s aim to enable as many people as she can to reach their full potential in life.

Meet the mentor: find out Shefa’s philosophy on life and how she can support you by watching the interview below:

Shefa is a great friend of mine, but I first met her in a professional capacity and she coached me through some of my toughest moments towards the end of 2018. My personal experience of her coaching style and her clear psychological, emotional and spiritual support is overwhelmingly positive. I came to her at a very bleak time when I had lost all belief in myself and the point of life, and through her meaningful guidance and practical support, she gradually helped me to find myself again.

I owe so much of my current state of mind and wellbeing to her, and she continues to be a source of unending inspiration to me today, which is why I was over the moon when she agreed to let me interview her as part of this series. I hope that in doing so I will connect her to many others who are currently struggling and unsure about who to turn to for support, just like I was.

If you found the interview helpful and would like to find out more about how to work with Shefa, then please check out her Instagram, @miss_shefa or contact her via email at:

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  1. Margaret Witney
    May 9, 2019 / 1:33 pm

    really enjoying your posts Polly and these mentors. I am now thinking of reaching out to someone similar locally here as I am dealing with a slow life sucking illness which I need help emotionally navigating. I think you are doing really good work and you are and will be helping a lot of people – so glad to have ‘met’ you.
    Your courage to say your ‘story’, share your journey ;loves, joys and fears is inspirational for me as my early childhood trauma has made it difficult for me to say my truth or even know what my truth is. (I am working on it now (with help). Thankyou for your blog – I look forward to reading it all the time

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