Meet The Mentor: Tim Stoneman, Hypnotherapist

Meet The Mentor: Tim Stoneman, Hypnotherapist

For the next few weeks, alongside my Women & Resilience series, I will be featuring some renowned personalities and practitioners who have made it their life’s ambition to make a difference in the world by using their skills to provide advice, support and mentoring in the fields of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, life guidance, health, therapy and counselling. Join me in a series of in-depth video interviews as I ‘Meet The Mentor’ and have a personal taste of the support that they offer, plus find out all of the details that you need to know in order to access their services.

First up is Tim Stoneman, who has been a global hit in the hypnotherapy and spiritual healing world, bringing his magic to five star resorts around the world. He is currently in residence at the Four Seasons Doha spa, where he will be taking bookings until the end of April (with the possibility of a return visit later in the year).

To watch my full interview with Tim, and find out what he’s offering and how he can support you, click below:

Following my interview with Tim, I had my own session with him in the Four Seasons spa. My therapy wasn’t your typical hypnotherapy session, which people can use for anything from alleviating the symptoms of anxiety and phobias to quitting smoking; losing weight to sleeping better. Instead, what I experienced was a process known as ‘chord cutting’. This is basically a visualisation ritual which involves the participant going into a deep meditative state and then being guided by the therapist to imagine themselves physically cutting the bonds or ties between themselves and someone else – usually a relationship which is no longer serving them or draining them energetically. It’s known to be incredibly effective and while participants may feel a lull in energy for a few days afterwards, eventually they should feel lighter, more energised and more balanced.

I’m on day two following the therapy and definitely feeling pretty exhausted! I’ll report back in due course, but I have a very good feeling about this…

You can catch Tim at the Four Seasons spa until the end of April 2019. The sessions typically take 1-2 hours, with a consultation at the beginning to discuss the problem you are facing and how he can assist you. The sessions are on the upper end of the scale cost-wise, but there really is nothing else like it in Doha right now!

Call: 4494 8802 for further information or to make a booking. 

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