The Best of Qatar’s Homemade Food Services

One of my favourite trends that you can’t help but notice around Qatar at the moment, is the proliferation of home-based businesses, and particularly those relating to homemade food services. Talented and entrepreneurial locals and expats alike have been donning their chefs hats in their droves and taking to their own kitchens to cook up a storm for us all to enjoy.

The quality and diversity of what’s on offer is, quite frankly, staggering and I’ve been blown away by the results that this ambitious and enterprising group of individuals have brought about so rapidly. At a time when shopping at supermarkets is more expensive than ever and certain food-items are hard to come by, particularly in the artisanal, healthy, vegan and organic categories, these entrepreneurs are single-handedly changing the way we consume food in Qatar.

The Best of Qatar's Homemade Food Services

Here is my pick of some of the most delicious home-based food services around, and all the details you need to know to make an order.

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Grassroots Kitchen

Rachel Whitcombe is the British entrepreneur behind Grass Roots Kitchen. A housewife and mother of two daughters, she’s been in Qatar for nearly 18 years now, having met her Qatari husband here and put down roots with her family. She started making guilt-free sweet treats two years ago, primarily with Energy Balls which has since expanded into a wide variety of healthy snacks.
The Best of Qatar's Homemade Food Services
I recently met with Rachel for a chat over a coffee, and really warmed to her as she discussed her passion for Qatar, her love for her family and how much she enjoys producing a range of healthy food which can’t be bought in local supermarkets.
Rachel’s range includes everything from nut butters and raw cacao spread, chocolate covered flapjacks, energy balls, fudges, cacao truffles and a variety of delicious and healthy granolas. My very favourite creation of hers has to be her Chocolate Cherry Fudge which contains a dreamy combination of almond butter, raw cacao and honey, with a slight tang from the dried cherries. Baby Sunshine is addicted to her homemade, no additives Peanut Butter and I’m also a little obsessed with her Peanut Butter Energy Balls and her Cacao Peanut Butter Truffles, so much so that I might have accidentally eaten both bags in one sitting. Don’t judge me!

How To Order

Call/Whatsapp: 5560 1308

Detka Ginger

Frederic Andre is the owner and founder of Detka Ginger®. A French national who has lived in Qatar for 6 years, he developed the creative concept 18 months ago and officially launched it to the Doha market in October 2016. It all started with a kid’s party with friends and colleagues, and the rest is history! Word of mouth is a very powerful thing in Qatar.
The Best of Qatar's Homemade Food Services
The concept behind this brand is really clever. Aimed primarily at young children (although they’re pretty fun for adults to play around with too), large, frosted gingerbreads are emblazoned with popular characters and motifs which can be ‘coloured in’ using a paintbrush and an edible palate of colours. I don’t know about you, but I love art and I love food, and I think anything that manages to combine the two is simply genius. Baby Sunshine seems to agree with me, as she absolutely loved painting her own gingerbread which Detka Ginger kindly sent us at the end of last year, and now asks for a paintbrush to paint every biscuit she’s given!
Detka Ginger offer a range of designs but also invite customers to propose their own, for example if they are hosting a themed party. Check out my Follow Your Sunshine & Doha-themed biscuit at the end of this post for proof of how talented and creative Frederic can be with these biscuits!
Hello Kitty is their current best seller for little girls, and for boys it’s Minions and Dinosaurs. Their traditional biscuit bases are gingerbread, but they have just launched two new ones: a gluten-free option and an option for the sweeter tooth with chocolate chips (which I was honoured to be the very first to try – it’s delicious!).

How To Order

Online shop:
Whatsapp: 5517 1472

Superheroes Eat Plants

I’ve been lucky to meet some really inspirational women in my time in Qatar, and Rebekah Gomez, founder of Superheroes Eat Plants, is one of them. In 2016, she became vegan, initially for moral reasons (she loves animals!). Shortly after, she realised there were so many other reasons, from health and the environment, to world hunger and antibiotic resistance, and she set up the Superheroes Eat Plants facebook page as a way to reach out to the global vegan community.

The Best of Qatar's Homemade Food Services

Rebekah told me about her inspiration behind the brand in a recent email.

“I guess I thought I might be the next Deliciously Ella (I’m now cringing as I write this…). In May 2017 I ran a five-day online vegan challenge with 50 participants in the UK, US and Qatar. For those in Qatar, we ended the week at The Shangri-La with a vegan afternoon tea that I had helped design. It was so successful the hotel decided to keep it on as a permanent feature and I became known within the Qatar vegan community as a key person of influence. I then began working with Mega Mart at The Gate and Lulu to enhance their vegan offerings and make it easier to find the foods we need.”

Cue Rebekah’s business, which sells a range of delicious superfoods sandwiches. They are diverse but all have a few things in common: they’re accessible, filling, nutritious, whole food plant-based, a fusion of delicious flavours and comfort food at a reasonable price.
“Behind all the fun and yummy food there’s a really serious message which is my mission to ‘Change the Way the World Thinks, Eats and Lives in One Generation'”, Rebekah told me.
“My generation is just waking up to the impacts of what we consume but the generation below me are way ahead. It’s them and their children that will reverse the damage we have caused…My family call it a crusade!”
There are two burritos: The Spicy Fatboy and The Curry Champ; The BBQ Flash-Shroom Burger and The Steak & Onion Mo-Fo Baguette (for the latter two she has also had a hand in designing the bread with her fabulous baker). Rebekah is currently expanding her range to include more cold food, just in time for the hot weather, and is working with suppliers to obtain the ingredients she requires on a mass scale. Watch this space!

How To Order

Instagram: @superheroeseatplants (Meatless Mondays)
Facebook: superheroeseatplants (Meatless Mondays)
Superheroes Eat Plants is present at Torba Farmer’s Market on Saturdays until the end of March.

Chocolate Chip

Nivine Touma is one talented baker. A fellow mamapreneur, she is just starting out with her business, Chocolate Chip in Qatar, but she has been honing her skills in the kitchen for many years.
The Best of Qatar's Homemade Food Services
“I’ve always had a love for food and the kitchen,” she told me. “After I got married, I travelled around with my husband for his work to areas where I wasn’t able to work. Staying home most of the day allowed me to further explore my love of food and especially baking. I started baking a lot! I love these kinds of classic comfort treats and I was very particular about the level of sweetness and richness. I started sharing my goodies with neighbours, family, and friends. Everyone kept encouraging me to start a business until I finally did.”
“After becoming a mom, we settled in Qatar and I decided to continue the business here. I have such a passion for baking and making comfort treats for people to enjoy at any time of the day, especially with a cup of coffee. This way I also have some time at home with my little guy!”
Nivine’s cinnamon bun is one of her best selling products, and one of the main reasons that friends and family convinced her to start her business in the first place. Once you’ve tried it, it’s easy to see why. Served warm with a cup of tea, it’s probably the most delicious sweet treat that I have tasted since I came to Qatar four and a half years ago. It’s time you tried it for yourself!

How To Order:

Call/Whatsapp: 3395 5173
Instagram: @chocoloatechip_qa
Chocolate Chip will have a presence at local markets soon. Stay tuned!

Aff’s Healthy Kitchen

What a woman Affshan Sayad is. A mum of not one, not two, but FOUR children, she is busy managing school runs and play dates while turning out nut butters and more from her busy kitchen. Her product line, Aff’s Healthy Kitchen was inspired by motherhood, and her first priority is making healthy food that children can eat. She stumbled upon nut butters, and when she couldn’t find any affordable products that were free from preservatives and chemicals on the market, she decided to experiment and make her own.

The Best of Qatar's Homemade Food Services

With a little encouragement from friends and family, who loved her butters, she launched her products to widespread acclaim, selling individual nut butters as well as larger food hampers as gifts.

One of her most appreciated products is her Indulgent Chocolate Spread, which is loved by mums who want to clear their cupboards of commercial oil and sugar-filled spreads and replace them with something a little more wholesome. With unprocessed cacao, hazlenuts and pure maple syrup, it is just that. It’s also delicious! My favourite product however, is her activated almond butter with pink sea salt. It’s a little sweet, a little savoury, and it’s perfect spread over toast first thing in the morning.

Little-known fact: did you know that activating the nuts means that you will reap the maximum benefits from them without getting any side effects like bloating, gastritis, etc.?

How To Order

Call/Whatsapp: 3326 5012
Aff’s Healthy Kitchen will occasionally be present at Torba Farmer’s Market until the end of March. Please check her social media platforms for updates.


Fatma AlMisned AlMohannadi is an English teacher with rather a lot of hobbies. She made the decision to quit teaching in 2017 to concentrate on these, and is currently focussing on her main passion, which is making bread, cakes, cookies and jams. Thus, Marmelo was born.

The Best of Qatar's Homemade Food Services

Fatma hasn’t regretted her new career direction for a second. These days, when she’s not in the kitchen, she can be found down at Torba Farmer’s Market selling her spoils. She’s incredibly approachable and loves the one-on-one interaction that she has with her customers, welcoming everyone who passes by to come and have a taste before they buy and to give their feedback.

It is this feedback and research is the lifeline to her business. Fatma’s very experimental with her ingredients, and she tests out new recipes frequently, trialling the results on her family and getting their reactions. She also spends a lot of time reading about jam-making on the internet. This attention to detail has really paid off, and resulted in some fabulous, and very unique products. In my household, we’re currently loving her Apple Jam (which has a subtle taste of mastic running through it) on bread and toast and her brand new Apple and Jalepeño Jam with cheese and biscuits – it’s incredible! Next time I’m at Torba, I’m going to purchase her Tomato Jam as I’ve had my eye on it for a while and can’t stop thinking about it.

How To Order

Instagram: @marmelo_jams
Marmelo is present at Torba Farmer’s Market on Saturdays until the end of March.

Rou’s Sweet Corner

When I met Rou’a Wehbi back in 2015 and she told me about her business, Rou’s Sweet Corner, I remember thinking how fitting the name was, because she really is incredibly sweet! Add to this her talent for writing and photography (you can follow her blog here), her entrepreneurial spirit and her prowess in the kitchen and this woman is a formidable force to be reckoned with.

The Best of Qatar's Homemade Food Services

We caught up recently, so that she could tell me about the inspiration behind her successful business, which makes sweet and savoury baked goods.

“What started as a weekend stress relief in college quickly turned to an experimental hobby,” she told me. “I’d spend most of my free time in the kitchen trying out new recipes, from simple classic cookies and brownies to layered and decorated cakes. I’m completely self-taught, I love researching new recipes and usually go through a series of trial and errors to get to a perfect batch. After that, I got curious about traditional bread making and techniques, so I signed up for an intensive workshop at none other than Le Cordon Blue in Paris and got a certificate in Traditional bread making. One of the things I love doing is mixing cultures, thus creating things like Zaatar Brioche buns that mixes French brioche with Lebanese zaatar!”

After she joined Torba Farmer’s Market, she wanted to deliver something more than just another brownie. Surprisingly, the best selling item on her menu has been the Avocado Toasts. They’re made fresh to order on the spot, right in front of the customer and customised with a range of toppings (Goats cheese, Hummus, Feta cheese, Pomegranate seeds, greens, or a mix of them all!). Of course, her incredible Nutella Triple Chocolate Brownies have still be selling like hot cakes (‘scuse the pun).
“Qatar doesn’t lack food options, but it seems like everything is over the top with the “gooey”  factor,” says Rou’a. “My aim is to provide an option that gives the same indulgence, but slightly toned down.” And toned down her products are, in everything but the wow factor.

How To Order

Facebook: rousweetcorner
Rou’s Sweet Corner will be present at Torba Farmer’s Market every Friday until the end of March. 

Juicin’ It

Juicin’ It is a new organic, cold-pressed juice company which launched by partners Noor Al Ansari and Ujvala Vemparala. Noor and Ujvala met over a glass of #28 at Noor’s house, and the idea was almost instantaeneous. Born out of a love for organic products, the company was formed by the enterprising team to create an ethical and healthy juice alternatives to what is currently available in the market.

The Best of Qatar's Homemade Food Services

Juicin’ It products are natural, made freshly every day with no preservatives or added sugar. Everything that takes place in the production of these juices, from the in-house production to the delivery of the glass bottles to the consumer’s doorstep, is geared towards the health and benefit of Juicin’ It’s customers. As well as individual juices, they offer a variety of juices and cleanses which focus on specific health related benefits such as detox or weight loss. 

I have tried Number 18, a dark red juice composed of avocado, apple pineapple and mint, which had a delicious fruity tang to it, and Number 65, a green juice with cucumber, spinach, green apple, ginger, parsley, lemon and cayenne pepper. An inspired combination of juices, which are not only packed with vitamins, but delicious on the palate too.

How To Order

Facebook: juicinit
Juicin’ It will be present at Torba Farmer’s Market until the end of March. They also have a stall at Doha Festival City

Evergreen Kitchen

There can’t be many people in Qatar that haven’t heard the name Ghanim AlSulaiti by now. This inspiring entrepreneur’s passion for conscious living and personal investment in a holistic approach to diet and health has set him on a journey of discovery all around the globe. He has been a vegan for five years and brought the wealth of knowledge he’d picked up along the way to his home country when he launched Qatar’s first 100% vegan café, Evergreen Organics in September of 2016. Its popularity has sky-rocketed ever since.

The Best of Qatar's Homemade Food Services

Beyond Qatar’s borders, Ghanim also co-founded Vibe Café, Cambodia’s first vegan cafe; The Good Vibe Foundation – a charity which aims to feed 10,000 school children healthy vegan food; is the founder of Botany, a vegan skincare company launched in Doha, and has recently launched the Papercut factory where he manufactures eco-friendly packaging for cafes and shops.

As if he hasn’t enough strings to his impressive bow already, Ghanim has now made it his mission to expand the quantity and quality of locally made, organic, vegan whole-foods in the Qatar market. He is therefore delighted to announce the launch of Evergreen Kitchen which will bring veganisim within easy reaching distance of everyone living in Qatar. They’ll even be stocking shelves across Doha’s supermarkets very soon!

As a pioneer in the vegan food and beverage industry in Qatar, Ghanim loves seeing the positive impact his food can have on people and he is sure that his new range of products will keep influencing how and what we all eat daily.

I’ve had the pleasure of being among the very first to sample Evergreen Kitchen’s Creamy Cashew Cheese and Cashew Butter, and let’s just say, I think you’re going to like them.

How To Order

Products are currently available at Al Meera supermarkets and Flatwhite café.

Coming soon:

Phone: 4472 0437
Facebook:Evergreen Kitchen

Hakuna Matata Dog Bakery

So you must all be getting the impression by now, that homemade food services in Qatar are booming. Now that you’re sorted, what about food services that cater for man’s best friend? Enter Hakuna Matata Dog Bakery.

The Best of Qatar's Homemade Food Services

Faten Ali sat down to tell me a little bit about her creative business, providing food for our furry friends which is one-of-a-kind in Qatar.
“Our story <Faten and her husband Aziz> started on a Friday afternoon in March 2013. It was just like any other day in Qatar Animal Welfare Society’s shelter, where we go to walk dogs and help a bit. Little did we know, that day was so special because on that day we met this beautiful girl ‘Sayuri’. Before the day was over, it was clear to both of us that she belongs with us at
home. Two days later, Sayuri moved in. As we started our journey to learn about dogs’ nutrition, one thing kept surfacing and that is how harmful the chemicals in the commercial dogs treats are. Since we wanted only the best for Sayuri, we started looking for alternatives. When we didn’t find any in Qatar, we decided to make them.”
A few months down the line, and friends and community members were asking if they could make some of these natural homemade treats for their dogs too, and Hakuna Matata was born. Since they launched four years ago, they have made it our mandate to use only the best, healthy ingredients and to provide the highest possible quality to their customers.
They have three main lines of products; dog biscuits, single ingredient treats and dog chews. They have tried a number of recipes within these three lines along the years and keep introducing new ones with a variety of healthy ingredients to add excitement and nutrition to dogs’ diet. Some of their best-sellers include the Classic Biscuit because it contains plant based health fats – they use home made peanut butter so it doesn’t have any added sugar; the Chicken Jerky – a dehydrated chicken breast with mint which is nutritious and grain free and their Smoked Marrow Bones which provide nutrition and mental stimulation to dogs and last for a long time.

How to order

Phone: 7766 6062
Facebook: hmpets
Hakuna Matata will be present at Torba Farmer’s Market until the end of March. 
The Best of Qatar's Homemade Food Services

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The Best of Qatar's Homemade Food Services
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