7 Reasons to Choose The Pier at The Four Seasons Doha for Your Next Social Gathering

What do you get when you combine two close friends whose names begin with P and whose birthdays fall within a month of each other, with a fabulous open-air lounge set in the grounds of one of Doha’s most popular luxury hotels? An incredible P-Party of course!

7 Reasons to Choose The Pier at The Four Seasons Doha for Your Next Social Gathering

The generous team at the Four Seasons recently pulled out all the stops to put on an incredible party for Pooja (a.k.a. Les Rebelles Squad) and I to celebrate our advancing age alongside 20 of our best friends, and this brand new, seafront venue proved to be the perfect location for it. So what made it so special, and why do I now think that The Pier at the Four Seasons Doha is an ideal place for you to hold your next social gathering? Read on to find out…

1. Location, location, location

Protruding out into the Arabian Gulf, alongside the hotel’s stunning marina, The Pier at the Four Seasons benefits from panoramic views out to sea in one direction, and back towards the glittering lights of West Bay in the other. It’s the perfect place for sundowners, with one of the best uninterrupted views of evening sunsets over the skyscrapers of Doha.

7 Reasons to Choose The Pier at The Four Seasons Doha for Your Next Social Gathering

2. Fabulous cocktails

If you love a hand-crafted, artisan beverage as much as I do, then you are likely to get a little bit excited over the cocktail menu, which includes such delights as Young Blood (Aperol; Blood Orange Sorbet; Prosecco) and Midnight Oil (Black Cherry; Hibiscus; Orange Blossom; Prosecco). For those of you that don’t drink, the mocktails are just as flamboyant. There’s one called Quadrophenia – ’nuff said.

3. Stylish design

It’s all white everything at The Pier at the Four Seasons, where five chic white cabanas can seat up to eight guests for a private gathering, and covered pavilions can accommodate up to 48. There are fancy swing chairs, a white bar and lots of little touches which prove that classy design features can create comfortable, sociable spaces too.

Getting into the swing of things with Flying Food Ninja and Les Rebelles Squad.

4. Food IS important!

Whoever said that they don’t care about the nibbles when they go out for drinks is either lying, or hasn’t tasted really great bar food yet. The hot and cold Arabic fusion dishes served at The Pier are delivered to the usual high standards that we’ve all come to expect from the Four Seasons, with several stand-out dishes, including an addictive Black Truffled Hummus, a delicious Fa-Waffle (Falafel Waffle) and a range of comforting Saj. For those of you after a full meal, there is also a range of excellent mains from the land and sea (don’t miss the tasty Saffron Shrimp Skewers).

5. Every day’s a party

While The Pier at the Four Seasons is only open during the cooler months, it is open EVERY DAY during that time, between the hours of 4pm and 2am. This means that if you’re after an after-work sip, or a weekend chill-out spot, a place to celebate a mid-week birthday, or a place to let your hair down at the end of a busy week, The Pier at the Four Seasons has you covered.

7 Reasons to Choose The Pier at The Four Seasons Doha for Your Next Social Gathering

Photos © Four Seasons Doha

6. Feeling shish-ish

I’m reliably informed, by those who are more experienced in these things than me, that the Four Seasons has some of the city’s best shisha. In a variety of different fruity flavours, which last long into the night, the stuff they’re serving up at The Pier is hot to trot.

7. In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different

And this is where The Pier at the Four Seasons really outshines some of its competitors. Nowhere else in Doha occupies that unique position, on a pier overlooking the city. Other places struggle to create that unique, chic vibe. Most importantly, I’m yet to find a night spot where the standards of service delivered to patrons is deemed to be of higher importance than the number of drinks turned over at the bar each night.

7 Reasons to Choose The Pier at The Four Seasons Doha for Your Next Social Gathering

Thank you to everyone at the Four Seasons who made our night so special.

To the rest of you, happy holidays, and enjoy your festive celebrations wherever you end up heading this December!

Thank you to Milly for dressing us for the occasion.

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  1. December 26, 2017 / 5:33 pm

    This looked like so, so much fun!

  2. December 30, 2017 / 4:13 pm

    Polly, this looks amazing! There is nothing more special than sharing a birthday celebration with a good friend over good food, drinks and sisha!

    Definitely need to stay at Four Seasons Doha (when I make it to Doha!)

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