Two Minute Teaser: Yee Hwa, Doha

Yee Hwa in a nutshell:

Yee Hwa is the grandaddy of Doha’s restaurants. Established in 1998 under its former alias, Moon Palace, it was the very first Korean and Japanese restaurant to open its doors in Qatar. But just because it’s been around the block, it doesn’t mean it’s tired and dated; quite the opposite. With well-thumbed menus and a thriving atmosphere, it’s easy to see why patrons have returned time and time again since the restaurant re-opened under the name Yee Hwa in its new home in Al Nasr in 2012. It’s a favourite for a reason. It’s affordable, it’s authentic and it’s absolutely unique.

Two Minute Teaser: Yee Hwa, Doha

The restaurant’s enjoyed so much success in fact, that it has been able to open a second outlet ‘Little Yee Hwa’ just down the road in Fereej Bin Mahmoud. Only time will tell whether this restaurant will continue its domination of the casual dining scene in Doha, but I really hope it does!

Why is it worth it?

The first sign that this a restaurant that’s worth a visit is that it is always full, be it midday on a Tuesday or 10pm on a Saturday. There are no pretensions about the understated location and simple decor; it’s not trying to be anything that it’s not. This establishment draws in the crowds simply because of the quality of its food.

Two Minute Teaser: Yee Hwa, Doha

If you’re a fan of simple Japanese favourites, or want to sample authentic Korean fayre, but you don’t fancy remortgaging your house in the process, then there’s not a better spot in Doha.

What are the best dishes?

There isn’t much that I’ve tried so far on this extensive menu that I haven’t enjoyed.

Ask for a tabletop griddle table so that you can BBQ your own Bool Ko Kee (delicious marinated beef with vegetables and glass noodles) or Dak Bool Ko Kee (spicy chicken).

Two Minute Teaser: Yee Hwa, Doha  Two Minute Teaser: Yee Hwa, Doha

The sushi rolls are innovative, fresh and delicious, and we especially enjoyed the beef brisket ones which had a delicious crunch and lingering meaty sweetness to them.

Two Minute Teaser: Yee Hwa, Doha

Yes, everything on the menu is tempting, but you absolutely can not leave without trying the Dolsot Bi Bim Bab – a tempting melange of chopped vegetables, rice, beef and egg, served with the restaurant’s special Bi Bim Bab sauce in a hot stone bowl. When these ingredients are stirred together, the concoction is warming, comforting, moreish and delicious. You’ll scrape the bowl clean.

Two Minute Teaser: Yee Hwa, Doha

What will it cost me?

Appetisers are around QAR 30

Mains range from QAR 45 to QAR 100

Family-friendly rating

Average. There are high chairs, but the menu is not the most kid-friendly in Doha.

The details

Yee Hwa, Ground Floor, Doha Downtown Hotel Apartment, Al Kinana Street, Al Nasr, Doha

(+974) 4441 9898

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