My Pick of the Nursing Bras: Bravado!® Designs

took me nearly seven months to find a nursing bra that I found
comfortable to wear. SEVEN MONTHS! As if breast feeding wasn’t awkward enough in
those early weeks without that constant restricting sensation around
the chest area, which felt as though I was wearing a straight jacket. 

my third day postpartum when my milk came in, I woke up to find that my
boobs had almost tripled in size overnight, and were leaking. I thought
I’d adequately prepared by buying underwear in a size larger to what I normally wore, but no
matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t fit into anything I owned. Cue a
frantic trip to a local department store with a newborn, grizzly baby
in tow while I bought the entire range of maternity bras in stock. They
were very basic and not very comfortable but I didn’t have the time,
energy or inclination to shop around, so I made do. 

forward seven months of awkward yanking, itching and strap fumbling and
I finally came across the Bravado!
® Designs Signature Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra. It’s made from
soft, stretchy fabric which hugs your body and adapts to your changing shape. It has removable foam inserts for discretion (a.k.a. so nobody can see your nipples or tell that they’re leaking) and it even includes a bra conversion kit so that you can turn it from a nursing bra to a normal bra once you’ve stopped breast feeding. Pretty neat!


It comes in a range of colours (mine is in the colour ‘Garnet’ which is new to the range), and looks great under tight t-shirts and vests, creating a very natural shape with no visible seams. But best of all, it’s so comfy that I sometimes forget that I’m even wearing it. 

When you’re a busy, tired mum, comfort is everything. And now that I’ve discovered this bra, you’d have to pay me to go back to the ill-fitting and uncomfortable maternity bras that I was wearing before.

Product was provided for review, but as always all views are my own.

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  1. November 8, 2016 / 4:30 pm

    I literally clicked on this because I thought it was a velvet bra, and apparently I'm totally willing to get pregnant if there's the possibility of getting to wear a velvet bra. I didn't know this about myself ��

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