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Your Sunshine readers! I’m Sandy from
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where I share my favourite  foodie and fun spots from Brussels, the city I live
in, and other places I visit due to my incurable case of wanderlust!


Brussels is
full of hidden gems that usually don’t make it on a visitor’s itinerary, so I
thought I’d share with you a few local spots off the beaten path.


Start your day
at one of the best brunch spots in Brussels



In my books
there’s nothing better than a great brunch to fuel up for a day of exploring a
new city.
is one of the most
delicious brunch spots in Brussels that also happens to be one of the most pinned restaurants in Belgium. Located
in a residential neighbourhood away from the Grand Place, it’s off the tourist
radar and retains its charm and calmness.


Enjoy free 360
views of the city




most visitors pass by the 
Cinquantenaire Park
which is located in the heart of the European district in Brussels, very few
know that they can go all the way up its beautiful arches and enjoy panoramic views
over the city for free. Finding the entrance is a bit of a challenge but the scenery
is well worth it! If you’re an art lover, don’t forget to make a detour to
Maison Cauchie,
one of the most impressive Art Nouveau buildings in Brussels. 


Follow the Comic Strip Route



down your tourist map and follow instead the
Comic Strip Route in order to discover Brussels in a fun and original way. The “promenade bande
dessinnée” feautures over 50 colourful mural paintings of famous comic heroes
born in Belgium, such as Lucky Luke and Tin Tin. The whole experience feels
like a treasure hunt game and takes visitors around Brussels’
iconic neighbourhoods.


Visit one of Europe’s most beautiful



No trip to Brussels is complete without a visit to the Galeries
Royales Saint-Hubert, the spectacular 19th century shopping arcades
that house luxurious stores and
lovely pastry shops.
And although this spot is well-known, most visitors miss the secret that lies
one of the most beautiful bookshops in Europe.


Discover one of Brussels’ most secret cafes



left the best and most secret spot for the end. There are even locals that have
never heard of the lovely rooftop café of the
National Library of Belgium, which can be found right next to the famous Mont des Arts.
A great place with wonderful views for a coffee pit stop in between

there you go – I hope I gave you a bit of inspiration for your next trip to
Brussels! For more great spots in Brussels and beyond, hop over to my blog:
and keep in touch!


This is such a wonderful post about a beautiful city which until now I didn’t know nearly enough about. Thank you Sandy! If this doesn’t have you reaching for your nearest Belgium guidebook, I don’t know what will! Sandy writes a gorgeously descriptive blog on food and travel. She currently resides in Brussels, but describes herself as a ‘citizen of the world’ – which displays itself in her informed writing and special way of capturing the world around her through her descriptions and photography. Out of all my guest posters so far, I have followed her blog for the longest. Head on over here to find out why!


    • March 20, 2015 / 7:35 am

      Sandy should write for the Brussels tourist board I think – she's convinced me it's worth a trip too! Do let me know if you end up going!

      Polly xx

  1. March 19, 2015 / 2:59 pm

    Love the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert but Ipve never noticed this bookshop! how did I miss that? I won't miss it again 🙂

    • March 20, 2015 / 7:39 am

      Amazing!!!! So pleased you've discovered a new place through this post 🙂

      Polly xx

    • March 20, 2015 / 7:40 am

      It's soo gorgeous isn't it? I love the smell of big old bookshops like that. Wouldn't mind buying a book there and then heading up to the National Library's rooftop cafe for a read.

      Polly xx

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