6 Pinterest Accounts I Think You Should Follow

My name is Polly and I am a Pinterest addict. A fairly recent
addict, admittedly but an addict nonetheless. I have to enforce a strict ‘don’t
look at Pinterest unless you have a day off’ rule on myself, otherwise I can
get stuck on the site for hours, re-pinning, snooping, scrolling and clicking
and I would never get anything else done!

All of these hours have not gone to waste however, because I
now feel suitably qualified to give you a run-down of my favourite Pinterest
accounts, and why I think you should follow them.

1. A Lady In London

If you love travel and exploring new places, then this is
the Pinterest account for you. Julie has a wealth of boards to satisfy your
visual wanderlust, including a quite a few ‘off the beaten track’ locations
such as Beirut and the Peruvian Amazon. If you prefer your home comforts, she
also regularly  pins exciting
‘staycation’ ideas from around the UK (and particularly London) and has a board
showcasing delectable recipe ideas too.

2. Valentina [my ideal home]

I absolutely forbid anybody who is embarking on a new home
DIY project, moving house or starting to renovate or redecorate to begin
without checking out Valentina’s page first. She has a variety of boards
displaying beautiful interior inspiration and providing useful ‘life hack’ tips
for your home (check out her ‘clever ideas’ board for ideas that will make you
go “Ahhhhh!”). She also has great taste, favouring minimalistic and stylish but
practical décor.

3. Elaina Fagan

If you’re a bit of a girly girl like me then Elaina’s
account will push all of the right buttons. She is clearly a girl with style,
and I particularly like the fact that her ‘design & décor’ and ‘pretty’
boards are interspersed with thoughtful quotes as well as pictures. If you love
fashion with a feminine touch, then you will find her ‘style’ board is an
absolute treasure trove of goodies. What’s more, Elaina is a bit of a fitness
goddess, so check out her exercise and clean eating pins for a bit of
healthy lifestyle inspiration.

4. Temporary Secretary

There is no other word to describe Sarah’s Pinterest boards
other than ‘chic’. Every pin oozes class, and I have gained outfit and style
inspiration from her pictures on more than one occasion. Mainly composed of
fashion, food and current trends, her boards are slick and well-thought out. It is
obvious that Sarah uses her board as an extension to her blog, to showcase her
art and talent, and to draw in more followers. It certainly drew me in!

5. Cider With Rosie

I sometimes feel like Rosie is my spirit pinner. You all
know I love a good quote and her ‘words to live by’ board is so good that I
think we should probably all literally live our lives by what is written in
there. What’s more, Rosie loves the countryside, is a huge foodie, and family
life comes before everything. There are so many pictures on this account that will
make you melt a little inside, and plenty more that will have you reaching for
your nearest cookery book (/takeaway number). Rosie is also getting married
around the same time as me in the summer so I have been enjoying keeping up to
date with her progress with her wedding planning via her ‘some day soon’ board
(and using it as a prompt to remind myself of what I still have left to do!).

6. Follow Your Sunshine

Alright, a little bit of shameless self-promotion here (but Around the World in 80 Pairs of Shoes taught me that this is OK sometimes). I
am obviously a little biased because these boards are a conglomeration of all
of my favourite things in one place, but Follow Your Sunshine is the account to
follow if you love: inspirational quotes, weddings and other slush, travel, ideas
for the home, fashion and beauty, bloggy advice/inspiration and a bit of a
giggle. My man has also set up his very own board on my account, but I am still
waiting with anticipation to see if he is ever going to pin anything!

I am always on the look-out for new Pinterest Accounts to
follow. Please fuel my addiction by posting your links, or any other accounts
that you recommend below!


  1. February 18, 2015 / 4:31 pm

    I love your Pinterest account, so much inspiration! So I am sure I will love these too! I am a serious Pinterest addict and am always looking for new people to follow to fuel my addiction 🙂

    • February 19, 2015 / 5:25 am

      Thank you so much Carolann! Just followed you – your travel and quote boards are amazing. Love them 🙂 it's easy to get a little obsessed huh?! Pleased you feel the same!

      Polly xx

    • February 20, 2015 / 8:15 pm

      You're actually my number 1 but wasn't sure if you'd want me to broadcast your page to everyone 😉

      Love you,
      Pol xxx

  2. Anonymous
    February 21, 2015 / 4:48 pm

    Thanks Polly 🙂 xxxxx

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