Christmas stocking fillers: Bobbi Brown

There are only a few days left until Christmas. If you are anything like me, then you are brimming with festive goodwill, which you’re expressing by singing carols at the top of your lungs at every opportunity (much to the irritation of everyone around you) and guzzling Eggnog Lattes by the dozen (or, come to mention it, just about any Christmas-themed foodstuffs you can get your mitten-clad hands on).

However, if you’re like me then you have also just realised that you forgot to send any cards out this year (did you manage it last year at least? You can’t remember), you are trying to pack far too many Christmassy parties/activities/gatherings with friends into your days than is humanly possible without cloning yourself and you STILL haven’t bought those final elusive presents. You know, the little things – the joke present that will make your brother laugh, the item to bulk out that package because everybody knows that buying someone just a book is never enough, those pesky Christmas stocking fillers…

If this fits your profile, then I think I’ve found the perfect solution for the women in your life in the form of the Limited Edition Bobbi Brown Smoky Nudes Collection.

Shimmer Brick in Sandstone: 260 QR / 38 pounds // Smokey Nudes Eye Palette: 415 QR / 48 pounds

Bobbi Brown has been a long-time favourite beauty brand of mine. I wear the Longwear Even Finish liquid foundation daily and Bobbi’s Rouge A Levres lipstick in Shell is my absolute favourite shade. Therefore, when these two new products hit the shelves back in the Autumn, I was keen to try them out. Unfortunately, apart from Mac, ‘High End High Street’ make-up products are fairly hard to come by in my little city of Doha. But I eventually got my mitts on them in “4 U” in City Centre Mall.

Opening up the Shimmer Brick for the first time is a real treat; the five colours vary from pearly cream to deep stone, and with some adept brushwork (which you may recall from my last beauty post has taken me some practice), the result is a dewy, highlighted finish which gives you a pretty glow even on the dullest of grey December days.

The Smoky Nudes Eyeshadow Palette comes in a nifty little box, complete with sliding drawer to reveal eight gorgeous nude shades in various hues of creams, nudes, browns, pinks and blacks with both matte and shimmery finishes. The combined effect can be as subtle or dramatic as you wish – take this little box out with you for the day and you could easily take your look from simple daytime elegance to shimmery nighttime chic in seconds.

I tested my purchases on the morning of a Christmassy shopping trip in London. A slightly more dramatic look than my normal daywear, but one I felt matched the Christmassy vibe of the decorated city streets perfectly!

These products are stand-out gifts for their versatility, for their quality and ease of use, but mostly, I believe, for their simplicity.

Which beauty products would you recommend as last minute Christmas gifts? 

Update (23.12.14):
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