When Jimmy came to stay

On the 1st January, our first visitor from the UK landed in Doha in the form of Rich’s twin and my good mate, Jim.

Rich had been working all hours under the sun producing Al Jazeera Sport’s (now BeIn Sports) coverage of the Qatar Tennis Open so I was very happy to have some company again after a very homesick and lonely few days back in the country after Christmas.

I waited (impatiently) at the arrival gates in the airport and was ecstatic when I finally spotted him through the glass. Waving manically, I abandoned my coffee and ran over to meet him.

Nice luggage.

Here’s what we got up to in pictures.

We watched a lot of the Qatar Open, culminating in a gripping match as Nadal thrashed Monfils 2 sets to 1 in the final.

We went out for a drink in Scala, 55 floors above the city with the BeIn Sports team to celebrate the end of the tournament and mourn the break-up of the boyband.

We bought tickets for PSG v. Real Madrid from a tout and accidentally ended up in the VIP section with awesome pitch-side seats and free food at half time. 

We spent a day dune bashing in the desert.

We explored the best parts of Doha from land and sea, had some good chats and spent so much time in Georg Jenson picking out the perfect watch that the shop assistant now knows us by name. I think he’s missing our daily visits Jim.

We also spent some time achieving the perfect photo of the city. This technique can not be taught folks.

We rounded off the week with a quick trip to Dubai to see our friends Craig and Carrie, visit the aquarium, smoke some Shisha in our favourite place next to the fountains in the gardens of the Palace Hotel and admire the view.

It was a brilliant week, and so good to have the three of us together again.

Miss you Jimmy!

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